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10 Types of Acting Classes You Need to Know About

Marie Skillern| January 25, 2015

Believe it or not, it is vital for an actor to take acting classes. Consider it building a firm foundation for  your acting career.

If you want to take your acting path seriously, just as any profession out there, it is crucial to learn a lesson or two to be effective and most of all successful.

“What skill or talent do I need to gain?” Before moving forward, this should be the first question you need to ask yourself. You need to find a solution and be specific about it. In short, you have to find out which particular class you need to enroll in.

Keep in mind that each course varies from the other. Thus, taking a course depends on your needs. Let’s get to know the different classes that could strengthen your acting muscles.

1. Scene Study Class

Scene Study Class
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The reason this is placed first on the list is to let an aspiring actor realize that he needs to have a strong structure for his career. As a matter of fact, this could be a common class actors have to take or say ‘at least’ must take in order to be effective in this craft.

While in the scene study lessons, the teacher doesn’t only give acting tips in the different fields including TV, play, and films, but more. During this time, he shares the material; students study and get familiar with it, block it, rehearse, act it, and finally, present a finish product.

Blocking is where actors practice on the actions taken during the scene, not to mention, the entrances and exits. At this point, you can get a picture of what this kind of acting class would look like.

Additionally, this kind of class is based on an acting technique most teachers are taking advantage of. Method acting and Meisner technique are to name a few. This technique allows the actor to be serious about the craft and act the scene at his best for a TV show, film, or a play.

2. Auditioning Class

Acting AuditionsPerhaps, the path on how to become an actor is not what you think it is. You have to understand that auditioning is an art. However, unlike when you perform, you will have to perform for the person in front of you – the director.

Meanwhile, when you audition, you need to have an approval from the casting crews, writers, producers, and most of all, the director.

Auditioning classes focus on the audition process and nothing else. In fact, you will get acting lessons on how to pass and go through the process.

Your lessons will be about breaking down the script or analyzing it, what to look forward during the auditions, and above all, winning the casting panel and get the acting job.

Think of this class as learning how to act, prepare, and then, perform to the entire film crew and impress them. Your goal is to be one of the chosen few to make it to the top of his career.

3. On-Camera Class

On-Camera Class
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No matter how much training you have in your drama school, chances are, you are still not gaining any on-screen techniques from real filmmakers. This is where you will have the other side fixed.

You have to remember that you need to extend your horizons if you want to be excellent in your craft. Open yourself to new acting opportunities in order to get the most of your career.

The moment you take on-camera lessons, actors will be taught on-camera acting. Techniques on how to improve your voice, how to take advantage of the props, where to get in, stand and go, are just a number of the techniques that will be learned in this class.

Any professional film director would thank the actor when he went through an on-camera class.

4. Cold Reading Class

Cold Reading Class
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This kind of acting class is also known as sight reading in UK. If you have limited time to prepare for the project, cold reading class enables you to go through it.

Consider this an important class for actors who want to pursue in commercials and other projects that require only minutes to review on the script and be familiar with it. Cold reading class teaches the actor to accomplish basic things faster rather than spending the entire time figuring out and exploring about the text.

Once you have strong cold reading skills, it would be easier for the actor to get into the heart of the scene or the character. Moreover, an actor will understand his purpose and his action.

5. Improvisation Class

Improvisation Class
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From the name itself, a class is provided to aspiring actors who have the willing heart to improve.

If you think creativity and comedy could not be taught, think again. This is the purpose an improvisation class is opened. A number of students have proven every week that schools could not produce creative and comedic characters in the entertainment realm.

Consider this a highly valuable skill if you are certain to improve your talent and pursue your dreams. This class enables every actor to not just learn about proper timing in making people laugh and enjoy, but to learn how to get out of your head and think on your feet.

6. Commercial Class

Commercial Class
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Obviously, this is a class made for those who wanted to have a fulfilling career in commercials. Consider this an essential lesson for commercial actors. Combine this class with the improvisation lessons we have discussed above, then you will have an ideal training for a commercial actor.

If auditioning classes teach you how to act during auditions, this kind of class teach you how to behave in a commercial shoot. You may recognize if you have been to this kind of shoot.

Think about shooting for a TV show, movie, or a play, commercials are no different. However, it is wise to learn the pace during the shoot to cope up with every person in the set.

7. Vocal Acting Class

Vocal Acting Class
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Unless you want to pursue your career in Broadway or in theater plays, then you will have to learn how to flex your vocal cords. On the other hand, you may think going to vocal acting lessons is no longer necessary, think it twice.

Moulin Rouge, High School Musical, Les Miserables, and Into the Woods are to name a few of the musical films. This is where you can apply the lessons you’ve learned from this type of class.

Attending to this class, you will be taught how to breathe properly and even sing naturally. Once you take the class, the actor becomes more aware of his vocal abilities.

No matter where your acting career path is taking you, these lessons you are learning should enable to pump up your acting skill and talent.

8. Body and Movement Class

Body and Movement Class
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Now that we have found a tool in improving your talent and skill in singing, it’s about time to train your body in creating movements.

If vocal acting lessons promote your voice, body and movement class explore your talent in expressing physically. Take note, not only does your voice becomes an instrument or props, so does your movements.

Upon taking the class, you will be taught how to move your head, arms, and legs, not to mention, how you interact with your fellow actors are also taught. The lessons teach you how to sharpen your mind and at the same time, offer options that enable you to be aware.

Overall, just as any other classes in acting, make you a better person and definitely, an actor.

9. Classical Acting Class

Classical Acting Class
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Shakespearean plays and other films that are set in history or the past require the actors to enroll classes in classical acting. These are the lessons that fuel your talent and skills for such an acting project.

The class’s primary goal is to train actors the Shakespearean technique. At this point, you will probably have an idea where the actor would land his career. So, if you want to pursue your dreams, training in a drama school would be beneficial rather than studying at a school that only offers this class alone. Most of these lessons offered are incomplete.

10. Voice-Over Classes

Voice-Over Class
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Do not confuse this with the vocal-acting lessons we have discussed above. Graduates of voice-over classes are those who will be giving life to characters on TV, commercials, and films.

Frozen was a famous movie no one will ever forget. Voice-over actors take care of characters in these kinds of movies. It’s a better path any actor can take in case he wouldn’t be able pick the pieces up in the other field.

In fact, there are those that even add it to their resumes just to add icing on it. In other words, casting directors would be amazed and be more interested looking at your qualifications and skills. It is essential to understand the field to make it look more professional.

The Top Acting Schools in the U.S.

Juilliard School
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  • The Juilliard School

Kevin Spacey, the executive producer for the movie, Captain Phillips, is an alumnus to this school. Being one of the top 25 best drama school presented by, you can recognize how good this school is. Not only do students understand well their acting lessons with regard to classical theater, but in some other fields as well.

  • Tisch School of the Arts

It is known that this school produces great artists. Graduates of this acting school learn how to create a foundation that would build their acting career.

In case you are in search for the best schools offering acting classes in New York, you know where to find.

Los Angeles is a good place to build your dreams. Here are a couple good schools that offer good acting classes in Los Angeles.

  • USC (University of Southern California)

If you’re a fan of the Criminal Minds, you can probably distinguish Forest Whitaker. Whitaker’s skills can prove how good this school is.

  • The Groundlings

Prepare to drop your jaw and be surprised that Lisa Kudrow, Will Ferrell, and Melissa McCarthy are prominent names in the industry that finish their lessons from this acting school.

  • ACME Comedy Theatre

A school that was inspired by The Groundlings in Los Angeles, come this famous theatre in Chicago. Acting classes in Chicago such as this comedy theatre can be a place where you can build foundations for your career.

  • The Annoyance 

Another school in Chicago that produces extraordinary talents is The Annoyance. Founded in 1987, you can recognize how they are able to build a name in the industry.

  • Just the Funny Theater and Training center

Where else can you find a school that offers the best improvisation techniques? Along with a 4.5 Star review on, you can see how they are able to make pretty good productions. This is a school in Miami offering acting classes in Miami where students are not selfish and at the same time, learning the lessons in great acting.

  • Adreienne Arsht Center

This is another school in Miami that offers best improvisation lessons. Sometimes, you have to find a school where you do not just learn, but improve your personality. This is the school you are looking for.

And so the list continues, learning the different kinds of acting lessons depend on which school you would be taking. Be keen and only choose which school that could improve your talent and skills.



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