10 Plus Size Models Who Made It Big in the Industry

Holly Bissonnette| October 9, 2014

Sometimes, you just can’t help but wonder how many plus size models were able to make a name in the modeling world. You are thinking what traits they possess that made them famous in their chosen profession. Knowing that they are not gifted with the perfect body curves, but many of them were already quite successful. Whatever their secret might be still remains as a secret. If you want have a gist about this, check out the success stories of these models.

And here are the 10 Plus Size models who made it Big

1. Mia Tyler

Plus Size Model Mia-Tyler
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Mia Tyler is the daughter of Aerosmith’s front man, Steven Tyler. Even if she is the daughter of a famed musician, she decided to make a name in her own way. She focused all her efforts to becoming a successful fashion designer for plus size clothes. She was represented by Wilhelmina Modeling Agency and thus, she was featured in fashion magazines like Seventeen and Vogue.

2. Crystal Renn

Plus Size Model Crystal Renn
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Not just a plus size model, Crystal Renn is also an author. She wrote a book entitled “Hungry: A Young Model’s Story of Appetite, Ambition and the Ultimate Embrace of Curves,” to encourage other curvy women all over the world.

3. Robyn Lawley

Plus Size Model Robyn Lawley
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Robyn Lawley’s biggest break in her modeling career was when she was given the chance to become the very first plus size model for Ralph Lauren. She also became the first plus size model to pose for Australian magazines, Australian Vogue and GQ Australia.

4. Whitney Thompson

Plus Size Model Whitney Thompson
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Whitney Thompson became famous in the fashion industry because of winning the 10th cycle of “America’s Next Top Model. Part of her prize package was a contract with the famous cosmetics line, CoverGirl, where she has to do several commercials and photo shoots.

5. Toccara Jones

Plus Size Model Toccara Jones
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After appearing on the third cycle of the prestigious reality search “America’s Next Top Model,” Tocarra Jones signed a contract with Wilhelmina Models. She appeared on many magazine covers and had her career’s highlight when she was offered a modeling job in UK with High Score Street Evans.

6. Saffi Karina

Plus Size Model Saffi Karina
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Even if Saffi Karina is still new in plus size modeling, this doesn’t stop her from making a name. She was able to establish a plus size model workshop in the UK and called it Curve Project London. The aim of this workshop is to encourage young women to break into the modeling industry, regardless of their height and size.

7. Jennie Runk

Plus Size Model Jennie Runk
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Jennie Runk was known for her down-to-earth personality and love for dogs during her younger years. But, one of the most memorable highlights of her career was her appearance in H&M’s summer beachwear campaign. She appeared on the home page of the company’s website for a certain span of time, which then attracted many journalists in April 2013.

8. Velvet d’Amour

Plus Size Model Velvet d'Amour
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Out of all the appearances that Velvet d’Amour has made, she was remembered at her best when she walked on the runway of the Jean Paul Gaultier Paris show. She was also considered an influential figure in the world of plus size modeling because she voiced out the need for acceptance of plus size models in the fashion industry.

9. Teiko Dornor

Plus Size Model Teiko Dornor
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Teiko Dornor, an advocate for acceptance of plus size models, modeled for Ford for several years. She was a former OBE TV presenter in the UK. But, her way to the top was not that easy. She encountered lots of obstacles and hindrances because of her size.

10. Candice Huffine

Plus Size Model Candice Huffine
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The greatest accomplishment of Candice Huffine was the time when she appeared in the May 2012 issue of S Moda magazine, where she was fully naked on the cover. On the latter pages of the magazine, an in depth interview with her was published.

These women are just among the many plus size models who stood out from the rest. By redefining normal to extraordinary and exceeding the expectations of people towards them, these plus size models were able to make a name in the industry.

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