10 Lavish Things Celebrities Have Bought

It’s no surprise that celebrities earn more money than the average Joe, but this doesn’t mean that they should spend their things over futile things. Everybody knows that they spend their fortunes on luxurious cars and huge mansions. However, that’s not all. Here are 10 lavish things that celebrities buy in real-life.

Counting down from 10 here are things that Celebrities have bought starting with

10. Leggings, $100,000

Celebrities Beyonce
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Most of us buy leggings from the nearest store, but whether you believe it or not, American singer and actress Beyonce shops for her leggings in Balenciaga. What makes it more surprising is that she spends $100,000 for a pair of tights. She wore this legging, embellished in pure gold, in the year 2007, when she performed for the BET Awards.

9. White Bengal Tiger, $150,000

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White-Bengal-Tigers Celebrities
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A while back, Mike Tyson spent $150,000 for one white Bengal tiger. As a matter of fact, he bought two Bengal tigers. He even admitted that these tigers were not cheap to take care of. Each month, he spends around $4,000 for both.

8. 75 Bottles of Bubbly, $250,000

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ace-of-spades Celebrities
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Jay Z bought 75 bottles of Armand de Brignac called “Ace of Spades,” when he was celebrating at Club Liv in Miami. All in all, he spent $250,000. Not to mention, he left a tip of $50,000. As of now, he holds the record for the most bottles popped in one night.

7. Dinosaur Skull, $276,000

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In 2007, Nicolas Cage fought with Leonardo DiCaprio for a very unusual item – a dinosaur skull. He outbid his fellow actor and brought home the 67 million year old skull of a Tyronnasaurus bataar for the price of $276,000.

6. Dog House, $325,000

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Paris Hilton is always seen carrying her miniature dogs with her. Because of her love for these small canines, she spent $325,000 for a customized dog house. It features miniature designer furniture, air conditioning unit and a chandelier.

5. Hairdos, $1,000,000

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Rihanna-hairstyle Celebrities
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Rihanna isn’t just known for her beautiful voice. Each year, she just changes her looks – from a brunette, to a red-haired gal. To keep her hair playful and alive, Rihanna spends $1 million a year.

4. Humidifier, $2,000,000

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My Heart Will Go On singer sure knows how to take care of her golden voice. Aside from training her vocal cords and pampering them in style, she makes it a point that she gets the most out of them. She even spent $2 million for a humidifier.

3. Solid Gold Bathtub, $2,300,000

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Other than taking care of white Bengal tigers, Mike Tyson also spent $2,300,000 for a 24-karat solid gold bathtub. He bought this for his first wife Robin Givens. Now, the tub is in his mansion in Ohio. Obviously, the ex-boxer is a lavish spender.

2. A Town, $20,000,000

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In 1989, Kim Basinger bought a town in Georgia for $20 million. While she was stuck in a traffic jam, she became interested in turning the town into a tourist attraction. Eventually, it turned out that she made a wrong move for things didn’t happen as planned. After 5 years, she sold the town for $1 million and declared bankruptcy.

1. Diamond Mine, undisclosed price

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The famed Celebrities singer Akon can literally dig for his own diamonds now that he has purchased a whole diamond mine in South Africa. However, the singer prefers to keep the price of his luxurious asset and the exact location of the mine as a secret.